Release delayed

b03tzLCD 2.0 has been delayed due to some developments in my private life. As you know i'm developing bLCD by myself so there is no-one (or team) to back me up.

I'm really sorry, but these matters are more pressing at the moment.

I have 3 weeks of vacation coming up starting the 26th of juli!
I hope to finish a release worthy b03tzLCD 2.0 before the end of my vacation!

Thank you all for your support, and for sticking around.

b03tz LCD 2.0 ALPHA

How to install b03tzLCD: (4th sept, 2012)

Alot of you have problems with installing b03tzLCD, but it's very simple. Just follow these steps:

If, for some reason, the program crashes on startup try to install .NET Framework 3.5: click here and try again.

Developing 2.0!

bLCD 2.0 is currently in development! Watch the bar on the right for the latest news.

Theme preview

A little theme preview...left and right custom gauges for cpu usage and memory usage.
The time, and a follow cursor zoom window...on page 1 :)

MW2 support

I have done research on the subject of adding MW2 support to bLCD. The whole plugin has 1 major drawback: game updates.

I have to read the values live from the memory, which is no problem at all, and even cheat-free; but EVERY game update i would have to release a new version of bLCD that includes the newest addresses. I can not watch the game for updates every day and provide updates like this on regular basis. It's not something i want to be dependand on!

So i sadly have to tell you all, that i'm not going to include an MW2 plugin for bLCD 2.0.

I know some of you have been waiting on this, and i'm very sorry for you's one of the things that just didn't make it...

Demo video

I'll upload a little demo video to promote the applet soon. I hope you can spread
the word a little that bLCD 2.0 is coming to your G19 buddies ;-)

Check this out! Zoom

Check out the new zoom feature of the screen plugin...might come in handy with
that crappy pixel work! Also added follow cursor feature ;)

Amazing new feature!

Just thought of an amazing new feature! The usage of animated GIF images as bars / gauges. Imagine you have
a 10 frame animated gif of a loader bar that goes from 0 to 100 percent. Just import that as your CPU usage image
and will automatically animate the bar for you!

The greatest thing about this all: IT ALREADY WORKS!

b03tzLCD 2.0 will be delivered with a spanking new theme that includes some gauges as default...i will put up some
screens soon!

Keep watching the site, as i'm planning to release this baby in the upcoming week.

More updates!

Just a fun new the new bLCD you can position plugins with the arrow keys on your keyboard!
You can just press a button and start positioning! No more pixel guessing :)

Screen duplication technology preview

Just a little preview of what is to can duplicate your screen (or just a portion of it)
to your LCD. :) FUN! Too bad this doesn't work in games...(Because of DirectX)

b03tzLCD 2.0 preview!

I thought i'd give a little preview of the new graphical user interface:

(click for a full size screen shot!)

b03tzLCD 2.0 preview

A preview of the plugin specific configuration (a feature that is requested alot regarding the MSN plugin):

Plugin configuration

What do you guys think?

(click for a full size screen shot!)

An update is in the making...

An update is in the making! With features like:
So keep your eyes open ^^

Received my new G19

Today i finally received my brand new G19. They've found the problem and deceided to send me a new one.

My fingers are in heaven once more...

Just a note for window 7 users

Hi all!

Just a note for windows 7 users...since i'm running Win7 myself now on 64bits i've been able to test b03tzLCD myself. It runs magically fine! Eventhough i had some complaints about it. I've installed it on my C drive (so the main EXE is in: C:\bLCD) and i do not seem to have any problems.

Please make sure that b03tzLCD has all the rights it needs. You can either right-click the main EXE and click "Run as administrator" or disable UAC (User account control). For a tutorial on how to do that click here.

Also some more updates are coming your way...i've been receiving some quality feedback so be sure to check it out soon!

I'm also thinking of building a news-letter component so you guys can stay up to date with a weekly/monthly newsletter. What do you think of this? Please comment.

My G19 broke!

My G19 keyboard broke :-( a new one is on its way. It started flipping out and randomly pressing buttons.
Currently i'm working on a pink hello kitty keyboard -_-'

Look how bad it is...

Hello Kitty

New updates

Just as a notice...i've been working my ass off (too bad it's not for b-LCD) but updates are coming...
So keep 'yer heads up! :)

Call of Duty 4 plugin

We have released version 1.2 which also supports Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Please note that this
will probably only work with the newest version 1.7!

The plugin can show:

In addition some bugfixes have been made:

Have fun...

Soon in v1.2

Some bug fixes in kill/death ratio in the CounterStrike source plugin and a Call of Duty MW2 plugin...check the screenie below :)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

b03tzLCD v1.1 released!

Just a few minor bugfixes and Counterstrike Source support!

Please read the included readme.txt on how to activate this!

Check it out:
Counterstrike source!

Download link fixed

The download link wasn't working, please try it again!! Sorry for the inconvenience.

b03tzLCD v1.0 released!

So i've decided to release a v1.0. It's 99% bugfree. I usually don't script alot of C# but as you can see on the screenshots below it does it's job pretty damn good :-)

So if you're smart go grab a copy on the right and go play with it. The backgrounds on the images come with the package.

Enjoy, and be sure to give some feedback :) (at the bottom "Read/place comments")

Note: I know that the harddrive plugin doesn't return the perfect value yet, and that the MSN plugin sometimes shows one too many newline..i am fixing this!

Thanks in advance,

Screenshot page 1: (System overview)

b03tz LCD Page 1

Screenshot page 2: (Winamp and times)

b03tz LCD Page 2

Screenshot page 3: MSN Chat messages and statusses

b03tz LCD Page 3